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Life’s Little Challenges

Having one of those mornings!

You know those mornings when you wake up tired. You have to get out of bed to go walk the dog and start the day wishing you could stay in bed for longer. Having breakfast and walking the dog was okay, but after that there were lots of things to annoy me. First of all the Apple Watch disconnected itself from my iPhone and I had to go through the rigmarole of un-pairing it, resetting the Apple watch and then paring it back up again. I also had to reboot the iPhone. That took awhile, but we are back in business again.

IMG 1949

Bloody Phone Companies

The next thing to annoy me is the email containing a bill from Orange for a phone number which was changed to a different company months ago. Yesterday I was talking to them about the telephone line and Internet for the house which was also changed at the same time. Emails have been sent to them with the invoices from the new company and yet they still keep demanding money for a service they are not providing. I hate Orange even more today.

Flamin’ Useless Delivery Services

Another annoyance – I’ve been waiting for a parcel from Amazon and the parcel company couldn’t be bothered to deliver it for the next day as it was supposed to be delivered. The day after that they still couldn’t be bothered and today I had to ring them up. I had to negotiate a stupid automated phone customer service idiocy, in order to be able to talk to one of their agents. The number I had in the email didn’t work on the phone robot and so took extra time to talk to an actual real person. Once I got through to the person, everything was okay, but there was a too much friction on the run up to that.

Can’t Really Complain

The next annoyance is not really that annoying. I upgraded the iPad to iOS 9 and I’ve been enjoying using this for the last few days. I like the upgrade to the standard keyboard and most everything else was okay. I can’t complain about any problems such as the time it took for Siri to start working and the fact that one or two applications didn’t work as they should have done. The upgrade to iOS 9 is a beta software and it is expected that there will be some things that don’t work. This morning I decided to go back to iOS 8.4 so I could have everything working again as it was before the upgrade. It’s going to take a while because I have to download the operating system 8.4 from the Apple servers. I did expect that I would have been out to use the back up I made before the upgrade. It seems not. Once I have got the proper, virgin, untouched operating system installed I can then use the backup I made beforehand. After I have done that I will only have to go into iTunes to install the one or two applications I got new during the time I had iOS 9 installed. Like I said, I don’t mind any of this because I knew what I was getting into when installing the beta version of the operating system. No problem!

I thought it was going good, too good – It looks like the download has completed, but then it just booted up again with iOS 9. The download failed and now I have to start again. So one more annoyance there and that is my crappy Internet. Three tries later and I might have to stay with iOS 9…. Oh Well…

One more thing!

This morning I received a video on Whats App showing the first steps of my grandson Oliver. Nothing to be annoyed about there although I do think it’s a shame I live so far away and I can’t see him very often. Not much I can do about that though. Anyway, it’s nice to be able to finish this rant with something a little bit more cheerful. I should go and make myself a nice cup of tea.

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Metal Monster

Forest Clearing Metal

This machine comes around here a couple of times a year to clear the forest. I always love the patterns and shapes you find in mechanical objects. Not reason you can’t make some art out of something big and brutal.

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Mac20Q Podcast 125 – Life Logging Day One App, iOS9, El Capitan,

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Instagram and Mextures

Fishy Lishy Metalishy

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I’ve been looking at what can be done with the Instagram photographic social network and I’ve been trying out a couple of new photo applications on my iPhone. One application I’ve been looking at will let you make a collage of three or four photographs together to present your images. The application is called Layout and is free with some in-app purchases available.


I made another image using the application Mextures and I like this application because I can choose a number of effects and apply them in layers to the image. On this one, I used the light leak which adds a flare to the image. This worked out rather well as there was already a certain amount of light flaring from outside which was the morning sun.

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Apple Watch and Thoughts about CarPlay

Quick podcast about how things are going with the Apple Watch and what I like to see with Car play and automotive automation. I’m living in the future now.

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Barcelona airport

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Talking Apple Watch

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Mechanical Grunge

Grunge and Grass

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Good and Geeky Podcast 3 News

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