Musings on the Apple Watch

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Off to Dublin.m4a

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Camp chat costa Brava

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Costa Brava Campsite – New apps on my iOS

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Down at the beach watching the world go by

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The Martian by Andy Weir

I love reading books

There are times when I get so into doing other things that I forget that I really like reading and then there are other times when I read one book after another. It’s always good when you are transported into a different world and you just enjoy the story and the experience of following what’s going on with a character. At the moment I’m reading about a cheeky astronaut called Mark Watney who has been stranded on Mars. Obviously he is a very clever fellow and is managing to stay alive in a very hostile environment using his brains and an irreverent outlook on his predicament. So we’re getting this first person story from our hero, Mark, along with the back story of what is happening back on Earth. Then there is also the crew of the mission that left him behind on the spacehip heading back to Earth that have a part to play.

When I first started reading the story it was on the back of reading a book by Philip Rothfuss about a character learning all sorts of magic and fighting skills living in a fantasy world and it was a very big change going from one book to the other. It can seem odd sometimes when you have to go from one style of writing to something quite different and at first it seemed that the book ‘The Martian’ was nowhere near as good. The thing is, the most important point is the story and I am finding that this book is a real page turner, just as much as the previous book I was reading ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’.

The Martian eBook Andy Weir Amazon co uk Kindle Store

As has to happen with any story, our protagonist in The Martian has to have things go from bad to worse and sometimes even worse than that, before things can start to get better. Writers and readers do like to have a happy ending though so I am expecting things to get sorted out at the end of the story. On account of this truism, we will probably have our character amazingly saved at the last minute. I am still only two thirds of the way through this book and the way that I am going with it, it is not going to take me too long before I get to the end. In any case I can certainly recommend this book as a good read.

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Getting into Siri on my iPad

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Gizmag for great articles about technology

One of my favourite websites – GIZMAG

I am a lover of technology and sometimes it feels like I am living in the future with all of the excellent technological changes that are happening. There is an excellent website that I get regularly sent to my email address called GizMag and it has a range of articles looking at various areas of technology. In the latest email that I received there was a link to an article about a new bicycle with a sealed drivetrain, an article about Ducati motorcycle, a robotics article, something about the engine failure causing a recovery of a spacecraft to not work out, details about how nano pixels can be used for flexible low-power high-resolution screens for computers and amongst other things there is a health article about how proteins could take the place of fats in diet cheeses and cakes. I get one of these emails every couple of days with the latest articles that have been posted to the site and there is nearly always something to interest me. It is quite easy to click one of these links and then lose an hour or so reading articles about the latest in technology.


Green articles in GizMag

Quite regularly there are articles on there about green homes and a green living. Articles such as the latest in zero energy houses that are good for the environment. I would love to have one of these houses that has super design and super insulation and at the end of the year would have a surplus of energy. With the cost of solar panels coming down and the technology of batteries getting better there will come a time when the self-contained house as far as energy requirements are concerned will be the norm. I particularly liked the article about the house by Honda in which they used solar panels in conjunction with the same sort of battery technology as used in their cars, along with geothermal heating and cooling of the house to construct a house that didn’t need to be connected to the electric grid. If ever I decide that I’m going to build myself a house then these are the sorts of things that I will be looking for for the design of it.

Silly articles for thrill seekers

There was an article about the tallest waterslide in the world which is over 50 m tall and looks to be just as scary as it looks to be amazing. There is a water park near to where I live and I have enjoyed using the tallest of the waterslides there and is great fun even though not even half as big. There is another article based on bicycles which shows a motorised big wheel drift trike which has a small motor propelling it very close to the ground and would make a big kid of the largest man. So there are articles in there which are based upon old technologies and petrol engines, but then you will also find a lot of articles based upon an electric vehicles. I particularly found the article about an exotic Italian electric motorcycle informative and entertaining. Personally, I would love to have one of the electric motorcycles made by Zero Motorcycles and this one in the article by an Italian company, Energica Ego Electric motorbike looks pretty amazing too.

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Birthday parties, A Visiting mom and my best friend passing away

As always the months tend to fly by and that was the case with June. I wanted to complete a blogathon on this website, but I found that with my wife’s birthday party and all of the work and things going on, I was unable to finish the job. At the end of the month, things got to even more difficult and strange with the sudden death of my best friend Karl Berlin, he died the day after my wife’s birthday party.


Goodbye to my best friend

It was bit of a shock to say the least with my friend dying suddenly. He was only 61 years old and the night before he was at a party with us and he looked to be happy and healthy. The very next morning he woke up with some chest pains and his wife got the ambulance in pretty quickly. It wasn’t long before they had him in hospital and tried to do an operation, but it was too late. Many people have said that it is a better thing if you go quickly and you don’t have a lingering death although dying too young and before your time is very sad indeed. karl died on Thursday and funerals happen very fast here in Spain. The service and funeral was on the Monday which was at the limit of how long it can be between dying and being cremated. There were a lot of people at the funeral, quite a lot of expats from England of course. I got up and spoke about how sad I was to lose my best friend and how I thought it was strange that somebody so clever should be so useless and learning languages. I didn’t say much, but it seems everybody appreciated that I spoke from the heart. He really was the nicest guy you could wish to meet and know as a friend.

So I had to deal with going to a funeral and trying to help where I could as well as keeping my mother entertained while she was here to visit from England. My mother is pretty easy to keep amused, all I have to do is to take her to the beach when it is possible. This month of June the weather hasn’t been great though. We have had one or two days when the weather has been either cloudy or it has been raining. In fact, looking at the weather forecast there will be one or two days in the first part of July when we can expect some thunderstorms.


Mom to the beach

Life has to go on and with my mother visiting I need to take her to the beach for some sun and relaxation. The old girl will be going home again tomorrow and so we have to make the best of the time while she is here. I am still disappointed that my daughter-in-law and my mother didn’t get to meet each other. It was because of the French Air traffic controllers having a strike and stopping all of the planes coming from Dublin. Now we will have to wait until they come over with the baby which could be maybe in January and I will have to try and arrange for my mother to come over for a visit at the same time. It would have been really nice to see Iris with the big bump and the baby still growing. Mind you we were able to get a glimpse of that on Skype. She was able to talk to us and show us the bump when they called us to wish Victoria a happy birthday.

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Gardening isn’t as much fun as riding a bike

Get that grass cut

Today I have used a strimmer, the lawnmower, a wheelbarrow and a rake and I hate gardening! On the plus side so far with all the walking around the garden with the lawnmower I have logged 5000 steps. I use the fitness application called Noom to keep track of things. Since February using this application to record my input of calories and also my use of those calories with exercise, I have managed to lose 10 kg. Between now and the end of August I expect to lose another 3 kg to get to the weight that I want to be at. Another good thing which has an effect upon my losing weight has been cycling. I use an electric bicycle, but I’m still cycling hard because I am looking for going faster rather than going easier. The electric bicycle is particularly very good for going up hills and when I am coming home there is a tough hill at the end of the ride. If I didn’t have an electric bicycle then that hill at the end would certainly put me off riding to and from work. Having an eBike really works for me. So instead of using the bike once in a blue moon, I am using my bike nearly every day. I have had a few days over the last week when I couldn’t ride my bicycle because of the rain and thunder storms and I got quite frustrated waiting for the weather to get better.

Wheels and spokes on an eBike

Since having this electric bicycle I have had a few problems with the wheel with the motor in it, because the spokes weren’t strong enough for the power of the engine. I have had to have the wheel rebuilt twice. The first time was because I hit a pot hole in the road and then I had to get it rebuilt because the spokes that were replaced were too puny.

Some expensive Electric bikes out there.

There are some very nice good-looking electric bicycles around. I saw a bicycle made by Grace which is very enticing but is very expensive. There is also the bike called the Stealth Bomber but that is even more expensive. If I was going to spend that much money then I would rather go for one of those Zero Motorcycles. The other sort of bicycles that I could be interested in would be the recumbent bicycles. I have seen that there are some people that have made of those into electric bicycles too! I imagine that’s what they would take quite a bit of getting used to, especially the sort where the steering is done with the hands lower down. The handlebar steering mechanism is situated underneath your bottom rather than above your shoulders. Even though these recumbent bicycles are quite expensive I have seen one or two of these around lately. All of this is much better than gardening!

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