I want to be a writer

This morning I was listening to podcasts about being a writer while walking the dog. There was a podcast on self publishing, writing and marketing books by Simon Whistler called The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast. He was interviewing an author called Mark Wayne McGinnis who wrote books called Scrapyard Ship (Scrapyard Ship Series Book 1)
. Yesterday I had a look to see if I would buy one of the books to have a listen or read and it didn’t get many good reviews. Most of the reviews of the books were saying that the stories were not very good. Yet it seems that this guy is selling books and making some money. He writes for three or four hours per day and the aim is to have 1500 or 2000 words every day. I feel sure that if I set my mind to it I could write decent books, if not great books and hopefully make some money doing it.

Scrapyard Ship Scrapyard Ship Series Book 1 eBook Mark Wayne McGinnis Kindle Store

Going undercover with Kindle Spy

In the podcast he mentioned some software called Kindle Spy and I had a look at it and decided to buy it myself. I have just been using it for a little while and it seems to be quite interesting and useful. There is not much point in having books on the Kindle where there is no money because nobody is buying books in a category or type. It is quite easy to drill down into the data and find topics to write about and hopefully some of that will match up with topics that I know something about so that I could create a good book. I started by looking at books about graphic design for the Mac and in particular books about using Pixelmator and I was bit disappointed to see that there’s probably not much money in that. That is a shame because I would like to write a book about Pixelmator for iPad. If you go a little bit more general into graphic design then there is more money in that so maybe I could get the book into a more general topic but do it using Mac and iPad software.

Show me the money!

I’m not sure that my book about writing and using technology to get ideas generated and out of the head and onto the page would be a good moneyspinner. But who cares, I have the book written already and it is close to being put out there into the wide world of publishing. It seems to me that there is very little money in blogging and so I should minimise the number of words I write for blogs and start writing for books instead. I still need to have the blogs, but I should keep the articles to between 300 and 400 words rather than my articles of over 1000 words that I tend to do. As for the videos that I make I think those are a useful added value to my books and are worth having as part of my portfolio. Maybe I will make more money from those when I have some books also selling.

Make a plan David and do it today

It wouldn’t be difficult for me to have a plan to write 3000 to 4000 words per day and have set dates for when books had to be let loose into the world. I already have a little bit of a organisation set up in OmniFocus for my blogging and I think I should change that. Maybe if I have one day per week when I am blogging and one day per week when I am making a video and the rest of the time to be writing for books. I have got to go where the money is! I need an income and need to be able to get out of the summer job and I need to do it soon. I am pretty sure that I spent too much time farting about and being unproductive.

At the moment I don’t really count how many words I write each day because some days I don’t write any words and other days I write more than 2000 or 3000. So perhaps what I should do is to have a daily document in which I paste all of the words that I write for that day. I would have to be quite disciplined about this, but I think I could do it. The question is where I put these words for keeping a count? I could use Scrivener as it is the application that I should have open every day anyway, for doing my writing or I could use a plain text file that I keep in Dropbox or iCloud that I access through Byword. Or I could do both with a bit of automation.

A set time per day for reading

Every author that talks about writing says that it is absolutely vital to be a reader. I do read a lot, but it tends not to be books. I did buy a book yesterday to put on my Kindle application on the iPad. I also have a paperback book that I have started but I’m struggling to get back into reading. I particularly enjoyed the first two books in the series of this paperback book, it is just that I prefer to read on my electronic device. I am thinking that a particular good time for reading would be late at night. I should have an hour after Victoria has gone to bed, maybe two hours. It would be a good way to finish the day.

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Waking up with Siri and keeping the eyes firmly closed

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Starting the day in bed with Siri

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Castles and Motorbikes in Catalonia

St. Feliu de Guixols on a December Sunday Morning

After a few days of experiencing the culture and everything else in Ireland it is nice to be back home again. So if I haven’t got theatre and opera to enjoy here locally, we do have the sunny winter beach and the groups of people standing on each others shoulders to make human castles. This morning in the courtyard of the theatre building, the local motorcycle group called the Pirates had organised an event. They were collecting food which I presume was destined for some charity or other and that was where the castles group did their thing. There was also an exercise event where a number of stationary bicycles were being used in a group. So the motorcycle club had something better for every age. It was all very pleasant and friendly with all of the Pirates wearing their club colours. If you are in a group like this you have to show you are a part of it by wearing the uniform which consists of a leather waistcoat with the symbol emblazoned upon the back. So that is one patch and then there have to be other patches sewn on in other places to show the affiliation to which brand of motorcycle you ride. Just about all of the motorcyclists were also members of the Hells grannies and grandads. So now that I am a grandad perhaps I am old enough to join. I will have to go out and buy a motorbike, but I won’t buy one of those ugly Harley Davidson’s! I think I would probably get fed up of all the polishing that you have to do with of all of that chrome. My wife tells me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I just know that I have a good eye as far as motorbikes are concerned. In fact my eye might get a little bit misty when thinking back to the days of when I had my Suzuki GS 850. Now that is what I call a proper motorbike.

Screenshot 07 12 2014 17 29

I recorded the video to introduce the shots that I recorded at the motorcycle event while by the beach. The beach looks quite different from what it is full of holidaymakers in the summertime. Today there was one person getting their feet wet with a little bit of paddling, but most people were sensible and keeping their shoes and socks on. Due to the recent storms that we have had there was quite a bit of flotsam and jetsam lying around the beach. It had us thinking that we should be collecting it and having it for putting on the fire to keep us warm during the winter.

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Leaving Dublin airport

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Getting the divorce sorted in court

The judge was supposed to be getting the short and quick cases in first. What I want should have only taken five minutes, but it took longer because he had a chat with me about the lads etc. He was like a genial old uncle more than he was like a judge. He was asking what they did for a living and where they lived. The old fella even thanked me for coming over from Spain to do the divorce.

Scanner Pro for digitising the old family photos

Easy to get the photos turned into digital pictures with this application on my iPhone. Put them on a flat surface and position the camera just right and the software takes care of the cropping to the edges. When the angle gives the photo some off angle looks, the Scanner Pro sets it right again. The quality of the photos isn't going to be great but not that bad and will be doing the job of giving me the memories back again. Seemed that the colours were enhanced slightly in the digital version.


Cultural Ireland with art of all sorts

Called into a gallery after the divorce hearing and there seems to be a lot of cultural activities going on here in Ireland. I miss this sort of thing in Catalonia because if I went to the theatre it would be in Spanish or Catalan and I would miss an awful lot because it is not in my mother tongue. there are one or two artistic events take place in my region but I don't think there are quite as many things as I am finding here in Ireland at the moment. When I go to the cinema in Spain I have to watch the movie either in Spanish Catalan and sometimes there are version original movies on at the local cinema. The problem is, is that the people that choose the movies are older women and we tend to get a lot of chick flicks. This month we could have had The Hunger Games movie as it has just come out and also Interstellar and they would been good in English for the cinema. We didn't get anything like that only got movies that you would watch television if there was nothing else more interesting on.


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Rush trip to Ireland

Delighted to be going to see my son and my grandson again so soon. The reason for the trip is to get the divorce sorted out. It was all a bit last minute because the woman at the court wanted to get the paperwork four days before the next court date, which is the same day as my brothers birthday. She had previously said that sending by email would be good enough. It took over a week for my letter to arrive. Maybe I should have used a courier. So papers were in only two days before and I was given the green light and I had to buy a flight that cost 50 euro more than I could have paid a couple of days ago.

My present wife wants to come too

Oliver, my grandson ours as cute as can be and Victoria would love to be with me on this trip. Moreover, she wants some cuddles of the baby. In the most recent pictures he is smiling more and they do tend to grow rapidly. So the difference of one month will be noticeable. I’m looking forward to doing some babysitting myself. I’m just a big old softie.

Winter is here

Crappy weather since the weekend here on the Costa Brava. Still, it sets me up with what I can expect from the December weather in Ireland. It was cool enough there on our last visit,a month ago. I’ll have a couple of days for relaxing, but I might get a paint brush put in my hand. George probably hasn’t got much done since he was away for a week in the cold Northern lands off Estonia. Oliver had to be shown off to to Estonian granny too.

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Mac20Q Podcast 114 featuring Mike Reed

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Mac20Q Podcast Interview with Mac User Michael King from Texas

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River God book by Wilbur Smith and my tutorial for encrypting emails

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